Beatitude Eight
                        Blessed (well off) are those who are persecuted for the sake of righteousness
                                                           for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.
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 Righteousness means we apply what we ought to be and ought to do first to our lives, then to others through example and teaching.    

efore man committed the Original Sin, he was in the state of grace Ė his thoughts and actions were in harmony with Godís will.  But, attracted to the promises of the evil one, he freely chose to oppose the justice of God.  Through the redeeming merits earned for men by Christís own Son we have once again been returned to a right relationship with God. 

Underlying this relationship, is God's desire that our life choices reflect a desire to live in the state of righteousness with him.  God does not force our free will and he respects our choices.  However, he is the lord and creator of the universe, and the ultimate judge of all our actions.  While that which we do out of love for him will receive his reward these efforts may not always be accepted by others.  They could even be met by resistance and outright opposition and persecution.

Christ tells us that no matter what response meet us, we should keep strong in our belief in the supporting help of his father's love.  Christ has promised that these persons will be blessed or well-off since through their trials they will merit his Father's heavenly kingdom.