Beatitude Four
                                                              Blessed (well off) are they who hunger
                                                  and thirst for righteousness, for they will be satisfied.
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Christ clearly identified the standards by which our life's actions will be evaluated.    

All people harbor a desire to accomplish something, to achieve some goal which they think will bring satisfaction for themselves or for others.  These desires can range from power, fame, money, health, beauty, or sexuality and they can easily become the center and motivating factor for all our thoughts and activities.

Christ tells us that our life goal should be to hunger (crave) to grow in the faith that he announced about himself and His Father.

 If we have chosen to be nourished spiritually by his word and seriously try to follow his teaching and his life example, our search on earth will never be totally completed because his kingdom is limitless . . . infinite.  He tells us to continue to hunger to grow in love of God the Father, the love of the Holy Spirit and himself by viewing our life events as God-given opportunities to strengthen His kingdom on earth.