Beatitude One
Blessed (well off) are the poor in spirit for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. 

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No one is told they must live in the state of total material poverty, but rather we are asked to adopt an attitude that prioritizes things and places love of God at the center of life.  God created us, his Son taught us and showed us the way to please God His Father, the church he established sustains and strengthens us with the very life of God through its sacraments.  Jesus has told us and than has shown us by his life the actions which please God the Father who assures us of the way to heaven and eternal happiness. 

By contrast, the spirit of the world can only suggest happiness when one acquires what it offers.  Its lure is to acquire and possess its treasures through which it promises success.  While many of these are not bad in themselves, they can easily draw our attention away from life’s real purpose; namely, to discover God, to learn how much he loves us and then share that love and the talents we have received from him with others; all for their spiritual good and the glory and honor of God.