Glory to the Father, to the Son, to the Holy Spirit
Recognizing the existence of the Holy Trinity and our responsibilities to its members

           Divine Masterplan for Life               Timeless Counsels
                                             The Blueprint for Heaven                                                                                  Ageless Wisdom of the Past

           Our Savior My Redeemer                  This is the Mass
                                                        Who is this Jesus                                                                
                  The New and Eternal Sacrifice

Commandments and Life

                                                                                                       God's Rules for Right Living



                    The DaCapo Foundation seeks to deepen understanding of God's love for His creation.  The sacraments of
              His Church strengthen us to fulfill our life's duties.  The Holy Spirit inspires and guides us to cooperate with God's
             grace in right actions.  Please pray for The DaCapo Foundation.  Donations accepted at: Box 1512, Vienna, VA 22183.